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Drawing from my personal experience as an immigrant myself, I understand the complexities and emotional challenges that come with adapting to a new culture and environment. This unique perspective allows me to connect deeply with my clients, offering a safe space for them to explore their feelings and navigate the unique stressors they encounter.

Languages: English and Spanish

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Guidance On Every Step of the Way



This consultation is an opportunity to see whether we are the right fit. Here is the moment to ask questions so you are clear of the process. I will also ask questions about the main issues. It typically lasts for 20 minutes. The Intake and Consent Form will be sent if you want to move forward.

Approach: Narrative Therapy


This option is couples who are looking for support. Areas of focus: relational dynamics, conflict management, and creating shared meaning. When deciding to book for this type of therapy there needs to be a commitment to work in your relationship.

Approach: Gottman Method


These are one on one sessions with a collaborative and structured approach. The client will learn skills such as distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. This support may be short or long term. Sessions are 50 minutes in length.

Approach: DBT, SFBT, Narrative


Que gusto tener su visita. Como terapista registrada, traigo calidez hispana y un enfoque anti-opresivo. Migre a Canada en el 2006 y este viaje de migracion me abrio a la psicologia.





What is the approach?

My approach to therapy is rooted in empathy and cultural competence. I believe in the power of listening and validating the experiences of immigrants, as well as helping them develop the resilience and coping skills necessary for a successful transition and integration into their new surroundings.

What are the topics of discussion during therapy?

Some examples are: cultural adjustment, homesickness, grief, identity, belonging, discrimination, family, relationships, trauma, resettlement, language barriers, career development, stress, anxiety, social isolation.

Why pre-marital counseling?

This type of counseling is for any relationship that is starting. Some of the benefits are: develop effective communication skills, strategies for resolving disagreements on time, clarifying expectations, strengthening emotional connection, identifying potential issues, strengthening commitment, neutral and safe space to discuss sensitive topics, customized guidance. 

What are the challenges for couples counseling?

Some of the challenges may be resistance, vulnerability, time and financial commitment, emotional strain, mismatched expectations, therapist selection (search for the right fit), privacy concerns. 

How to find the right therapist?

Remember that finding the right therapist may require some trial and error. If you start working with a therapist and feel that it's not the right fit, it's entirely acceptable to look for another therapist who better meets your needs. Some points to look for in a therapist: flexibility and adaptability, appointment availability, cultural sensitivity, prefered language, credentials, personal compatibility. 

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